Sunday, July 26, 2009

Miles and I decided to put in a new garden into the back yard. Well okay i will be honest, I decided and Miles had to do most of the heavy lifting. But I think we did a really nice job, considering we have never done it before. We decided to use stones instead of mulch on the top around the plants, thinking that the dogs would leave it alone. So far they have tested it out and dug some really small spots up, but i think it would be much worse if it was just mulch. Anyways the house is coming along. I promised Miles no more projects until September when my dad will be here to help. hint hint.


Jennifer said...

Garden looks nice. Can't wait to see you, Miles and the gang in a couple of weeks.

Mom/gram said...

Looks real nice,Jill.
As you probably now,Grampie and I will not be there in Sept. It would cost us too much. With gas,motel,food and putting Toby in the kennel.Maybe next year we can make it your place.

Cyndi said...

The garden looks great!